Laila Main Laila Hijacks Sunny Leone’s New Year Act!


Sunny Leone, had performed live on her latest party anthem ‘Laila Main Laila’ from Raees at a gala event in Kolkata on the night of 31st December 2016.

But the most astounding part of her performance in Kolkata was that the audience repeatedly demanded Sunny to perform to Laila Main Laila from Raees.

While the actress put forth an entertaining performance, the audience could not get enough of Sunny grooving to the tunes if the iconic song.

Sunny Leone reportedly performed to Laila Main Laila for 6 times owing to audience demand.

The actress left the guests present at Kolkata’s amusement park mesmerized with her impeccable dance moves, grooving to the tunes of the evergreen track.

While her performance opened to a roar of whistles, heightened level of excitement was witnessed throughout her act amidst much cheer and glee, leaving the audience captivated.

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A guest present at the venue, 34 year old Hrithik Bhattacharya, shared,” The atmosphere was indescribable, Sunny Leone had mesmerized everyone with her performance on the Raees song“.

Another patron, 51 year old Chandan Solanki remarked in exultation,”I had seen Zeenat Aman performing on the song in Qurbani, as it’s one of my favorite films and I feel that anyone who could get closest to Zeenat’s performance is Sunny Leone.”

While, a 21 year old Sameer Zaidi exclaimed in excitement, “We attended the party paying extra only to witness Sunny perform Live on Laila Main Laila. Her performance was absolutely electrifying, it was a perfect treat to bring in the New year.”

Sunny‘s presence at the event along with the energetic ‘Laila Main Laila‘ sound track set the ambiance for celebrations.

Leaving the audience absolutely enthralled, Sunny‘s performance had a lasting impact on all those present.

Sunny Leone collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan for the reprised version of Laila O Laila had led to a heightened demand for the actress throughout the holiday season.

After leaving the audience across quarters abuzz with Laila Main Laila, Sunny Leone certainly proved to have those present at Kolkata’s amusement park in high spirits on the night of New Years.