Lion-Hearted Salman Khan Launches Little Hearts Program

Salman Khan launched the ‘Little Hearts’ program in the city

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s most fearless ‘Dabangg’ superstar Salman Khan also has the biggest heart when it comes to charity. This was proven once again, when he launched the ‘Little Hearts’ program in the city.

Salman Khan’s NGO ‘Being Human’ has been involved with various charity work, but this time around joined hands with Fortis foundation to kick-start the ‘Little Hearts’ programme. The initiative is to provide child-care services to children with congenital heart defects.

Dressed in a simple dark grey suit, our macho hero showed off his softer side by speaking about how everybody in the industry does charity. “Everybody in the industry does charity,” said Salman. “Some people talk about it and some people don’t. They say intent is important in charity, I don’t believe it. Even if someone is doing charity to show off, I have no problems with it. One should just do charity for whatever reasons they want.”

Enumerating the need for wealthy people to get involved in philanthropy, the handsome superstar surmised: “I think if you have money, you should use it to save life. I feel what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.”

And what’s a Salman Khan event without his characteristic display of wit and charm? Salman Khan reacted mock-angrily to the question of how he feels when women address him as ‘Bhai’.

“I have four sisters and two of them are rakhi sisters. They are enough for me. I cannot handle people calling me ‘bhai’. In fact I don’t know how to react when a girl calls me ‘bhai’!

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