Liquor Ban: Rishi Kapoor’s Shocking Comments For Bihar CM!

Rishi-kPaoor-Tweet-[tps_footer]Rishi Kapoor’s sense of humor has offended many and at the same time, it has made us laugh too. Recently, we shared a pic of Neetu Kapoor giving a look to her husband Rishi Kapoor who had too many drinks at the success party of Kapoor And Sons. And now, we have Rishi Kapoor’s series of tweets expressing his distress over liquor ban in Bihar. Chintuji is not at all pleased to know this and he has even said that he won’t like to visit Bihar if the leaders make this kind of law. Rishi Kapoor took a dig at Nitish Kumar and government’s law of imposing a five years jail sentence for possession of illegal weapons and ten years of a jail sentence for alcohol.

Rishi Kapoor feels this will encourage the illegal supply of alcohol and cheap liquor. Strange ! Most of us blame the government for not taking legal action against a lot of illegal activities and when the government does take a legal action, then also people have enough of nasty things to say. Tell us, which vitamin or minerals do you get by drinking or smoking ? In fact, people waste a lot of money on drinking and smoking. Plus, they get admitted with fatal diseases in hospitals or rehabs. And, again people have to spend a huge amount of money on medical treatments and tolerate the pain and suffering too, in order to get out of their addictions. It’s high time, people realize what is normal and not normal.

We are happy to know that Bihar has made it to the list of being the fourth dry state of our country. Bihar and Nitish Kumar’s government has imposed a ban on liquor after Gujarat, Manipur and Nagaland followed the same ban. Here, we have Rishi Kapoor’s tweets,

Bihar you will encourage bootlegging and illicit liquor. Prohibition has failed worldwide. Wake up ! You will also lose ₹3000 Crs revenue loss

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.18.12 pm
10 years imprisonment for alcohol-5 years for illegal possession of ARMS? Wah Nitesh ! Me no CNG to Bihar!How myopic can you get in 2016 ??

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.28.19 pm

Practicing drinking since Coolie days. Waise-Smoking and Drinking is hazardous. People Please abstain from it. Tx !

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.28.33 pm

What do you think about this ban and Rishi Kapoor’s thinking ?


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