Scandal Recap: Olivia Pope Proves She Is Just Like Her Father Elli Pope!

Scandal[tps_footer]Hollywood’s obsession with ‘Scandal‘ is understood because the creator Shonda Rhimes knows how to keep the audience on edge. Last night’s episode showed that Olivia Pope does have a brutal side to her.

The episode presented that Abby got a news from her sources that journalist Lilian Forrester, who President Fitz Grant has been hooking up, has been visiting clinics. She assumes that baby Grant is on the way and it will jeopardize President’s reputation. After following Lilian, Abby finds out that she has been visiting Former Vice President of United States, Andrew Nichols. Andrew has promised to sell the story about the time when President had nearly gone to war for his mistress, Olivia Pope. This is his way to get revenge and doesn’t care about himself anymore. This is when Olivia and gladiators take the charge and ca

This is when Olivia and gladiators take the charge and call up a meeting. She meets up with the President Fitz Grant, Cyrus Beene, Mellie Grant, David Rosane, Abby, and Elizabeth to figure out their next move. Elizabeth‘s proposal to assassinate Andrew which was shot down by others. Cyrus was given immunity earlier by President himself so he didn’t get involved. The only option was to send Mellie Grant as they were in love but Andrew was just playing her. When she goes to meet Andrew, he doesn’t believe her and asks her to sleep with him. He calls her bluff when she turns down his demand because she had to think about her Presidential elections too. If she got involved with a man, then she would lose all her votes.

Olivia Pope, now, steps in and has a plan. Her father Elli Pope advises to kill Andrew but she shoots down his proposal. Instead, she makes the gladiators bug Lilian‘s office and kidnaps Andrew with the help of Huck. They make him a deal and offer him any price in order to keep everything a secret. They pay him $10 million but Andrew now starts demanding more money. President Grant takes a stand to confess everything publicly so no one has to take a fall for him. He asks Abby to call for a press conference but Abby is reluctant about it. She is not the white hat holder and doesn’t want to give up the power she owns. She betrays Olivia and asks Andrew to only confess about his affair with Mellie Grant. Olivia finds out about it and Abby revokes her White House pass.

Olivia was actually having flashbacks of her kidnapping that happened in season 4. When she saw Andrew backing out of the deal made, she lost her senses and grabbed a chair and beat him to death. Not just that, she even warned Abby to never cross her again. White House made an official announcement of Andrew’s death and Abby had to follow Olivia‘s plans. Well, looks like Elli Pope has finally turned Olivia.

Also, Cyrus Beene is working for Vargas now and made Vargas’s brother Frankie is his enemy. Frankie, after a lot of digging, finds ou that the Secret Service Agent that he had threatened – apparently they’re together now![/tps_footer]