After A Long Battle, Director Priyadarshan Finally Gets Divorce From Lissy


Lissy-&-Priyadarshan[tps_footer]Are marriages made in heaven or is it just for properties, jewellery, money and everything that is materialistic but not love, not togetherness. Relations don’t work out or people just take it for a ride and feel that all good things come to an end. So, still the year of break-ups and divorces is going strong. Now, I know why our judiciary works slow, it’s not slow really but the speed of people deciding to file cases, petitions are far more faster than it gets resolved. This year courts will be full of divorce cases more than criminal cases. Sad !!!


Now, it’s Priyadarshan and his wife Lissy who are amicably applying for a divorce, after putting ten allegations on eachother for the first divorce petition, which they have resolved and have taken all their words back and all allegations too. Both of them are going to put an end to their 24 years of marriage now. And they are parents of two children, Kalyani and Sidharthan, who are well settled in abroad but will surely be disturbed about the divorce battle happening between their parents for so long, as the first divorce petition was filed on 1st December in 2014 by Malayalam actress Lissy and till now their differences are not sorted.

Looks like they won’t take any more time to sort things out and get back together. And it’s not just them parting ways, they will part away with more things. And here’s what Priyadarshan and Lissy will have to part with after this divorce. According to a leading daily, it’s reported that, Priyadarshan has agreed to transfer the ownership of the preview theatre “Four Frame Entertainment and Dubbing” to his wife Lissy, and the actor Lissy will keep no rights over Four Frames Mixing Studio. They have also made a mutual settlement with the gold ornaments that they have bought over the time. According to the settlement, all the gold jewellery will stay in the possession of Lissy and she has to give a portion of it to their daughter Kalyani, during her wedding.


It’s good to see the way parents are concerned about their children even when they are going through divorce. It’s really tough to have a good balance in family life and to keep things normal for kids after a divorce. But why does this happen ? Why so much of love is still there for kids but no love between the couples who together bring a child in this world ?? It’s heart breaking to know any relationship can end at any point of time, whether it is for 24 years, 24 months, 24 days or for 24 minutes. No relationship comes with a guarantee card that it will work out, wish people could keep their ego and differences aside instead of ending a relation.[/tps_footer]