Look Who’s Really Upset With Aamir Khan’s Dangal


Ever since the release of the film Dangal, it has been receiving appreciation from all quarters and its business is surely booming worldwide. But there is one person who is extremely upset with the film and he is none other than the real coach of Phogat sisters, Sondhi.

While talking to a publication he said, “It made it spicy but didn’t really convey anything of what actually happened. Everything was amicable, but distorting of facts just hurts my reputation. (My work was) something which saw me become national wrestling coach. I will watch the film and take a call whether to take some serious legal action.”

It clearly seems that he is upset with the film and claimed, “The character of Sodhi in the film is portrayed by a character called PR Kadam. For those who have watched Dangal, you’ll know how the coach is the bad guy in the film, especially for Mahavir and Geeta Phogat. However, Sodhi has claimed that Mahavir Phogat never intervened during the training sessions

The coach even claims that the last scene of the film is purely fictional where Mahavir is locked in the room so that he cannot cheer for his daughter, “Distortion of facts has hurt my reputation. Once I watch the film, I will speak to the wrestling federation. I also plan to meet Aamir and seek an explanation.”

Sondhi told he had met Aamir Khan in Ludhiana when he was shooting for the film there and there was no discussion about that particular scene.

Now we are waiting for Mr. Perfectionist to say something on the matter.