Mahesh Bhatt Speaks Out in Support of Ishrat Jahan


MUMBAI: Trust Bollywood to come out and support those who have been unfairly targeted or wronged in any way. From Aamir Khan and his endeavours towards Narmada Bachao Andolan, to Shabana Azmi’s work on behalf of oppressed communities, Bollywood has always stood up for what is right.


Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt too is a vociferous speaker on behalf of the people who have been served injustice after injustice. His columns in newspapers and his views during TV debates clearly establish him as a champion of human rights.

Bhatt spoke out on behalf of Ishrat Jahan at a press conference in Mumbai. Ishrat, who was murdered by Gujarat police in a fake encounter in 2004, has become a symbol for police atrocities.

Jahan’s family was also present at the press conference, and spoke about the emotional turmoil they’ve gone through since her encounter.