You Won’t Believe How Mahira Khan Is Going To Promote Raees In India


After the great ban on Pakistani artists in India, Mahira Khan has been missing all the events of Raees. Well! Mahira had just started with her career and with whom? The King of romance! Mahira started off with Raees and probably ended her Bollywood career here as there currently is no state of encouragement for Pakistani artists after the Uri attack. Well! now that the lady has been missing her post-shooting activities, she has decided to make sure to actively promote herself. But how?

Well! the buzz is that Mahira Khan will be promoting Raees via Skype and make sure she is vocal about her tasks and questions that she is answerable to.

Recently, when at the trailer launch Shah Rukh was asked about Mahira, he said that they are putting in the best efforts to make Mahira a part of the promotions.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem to happen with the film. Shah Rukh also got into a controversy regarding apologising to Raj Thackeray for having worked with Pakistani actors and talking about bringing in Mahira Khan.

After such a news breaking topic, doesn’t look like Shah Rukh will complicate his upcoming project by going against the will of the country and its orders. So to obviously play it safe and smart, this is how the film and it’s makers have decided to be liberal to both the actors and the judiciary and the policy makers.

Mahira Khan, who deserves to be part of the film having worked really hard, will communicate via Skype and even then the chances of taking offence would be less in such a case.

Well! let’s see how it happens now. Let’s hope Mahira gets to participate and promote herself with Shah Rukh Khan.

Raees, after many date issues is finally hitting the screens on January 25. The film will also clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil.