Makers of Manikarnika Asked Kangana To Take Over: When Producers Saw The Rough Cut They Were Upset With Krish

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A lot of rumours have been doing the rounds about the status of the film Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi.

Clearing all speculation and rumours, when contacted a source close to Kangana about the whole controversy, they mentioned
“Basically, when the producers saw the rough cut they were upset with Krish and were not happy. Hence Kangana was asked to take over. From a logical point of view if a director is under contract and is being paid by the producers then he has to reshoot if there are any changes too. But, they chose to let him go and not insist on him taking the reigns again cause they weren’t happy. They then asked Kangana to step in. Only 20-30% of what Krish shot is being retained and the other portions that is 60% are being reshot. The initial budget was around Rs 60 crores but the producers are ready to give in Rs 20 crores more for the reshoot as they trust Kangana.

There is no logic to this whole mess. Will the studio blindly give Kangana the film and crores of money every day to shoot? All of a sudden she can arm-twist the producers to give in crores of money? It is their hard earned money too.” The source also added, “How can a director just move on when he is bound by a contract? Has anyone asked this logical question?

The unit is shooting in ND studios and will wrap up only by mid-October. How can Kangana blackmail the producers to give money every day for the production cost? This doesn’t make any sense.”
the source concluded, “Kangana has also pushed Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s film that was supposed to start from September because the studio has given her the responsibility to direct and complete the film.

Kangana had an option to either direct or let the film be shelved. She agreed and decided to lead the unit. Producers had full liberty to get a new director on board but they didn’t. The action director,Nick Powell is called back to reshoot certain portions too.”

The patchwork of Manikarnika is going on smoothly. Nick Powell is also on set designing some mind-blowing action shots to complement what has already been shot earlier. All in all we are in for a treat on January 25, 2019 in the form of Manikarnika.

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