Making Video Of Trapped Will Leave You Stimulated


Makers of ‘Trapped‘ have recently released a making video of the film, with some striking behind-the-scenes footage.

Shooting in a confined space was a real task for the makers, which has surely taken us to the edge of the seat. The movie highlights the protagonist’s grueling experience of getting trapped inside a house, in a high-rise building, where he is left without food, water, electricity and communication from the outside world for over twenty days.

The video shows the character’s angst as he consistently attempts to break-free by hitting the door persistently with an iron pier. He also tries to contact the outer world by sending out a note written in his blood. This particular scene required a prosthetic treatment, but Rajkummar wanted it to look more realistic so he cut his own finger during the scene and continued writing the note with his blood.

The actor, being a vegetarian, had to also eat meat for one of the crucial scenes in the film and he expressed how difficult it was for him to actually choose to eat meat so that the scene looks natural.

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Director Vikramaditya Motwane on hearing the outline script, knew the film needed a strong actor. He says, “Rajkummar is genius ya. I think there’s something so natural, and so beautiful and so sincere, such a hard worker, completely natural performer, like not one false note. At no point do you feel that the guy is acting and putting it on.”

The video depicts Rajkummar Rao‘s struggle to play his role effectively. The actor went on a black coffee and carrot diet for about twenty days to make his character look believable and natural on screen and to highlight the deterioration in his health on being trapped without food and water. Many-a-times he would experience blackouts and would take a few moments before being able to perform. Rajkummar shares, “I won’t ever torture myself like this. I won’t ever live on a cup of black coffee and carrot, and few sips of water so that I really don’t die. I pushed myself out of my limits, but I think I enjoyed that.”

The making video of the film builds curiosity towards its unique content and the audience eagerly awaits its release.

Reliance Entertainment presents ‘Trapped,’ a Phantom Production and directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, slated to release on 17th March, 2017.

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