Malaika Arora Left Rattled post a Car Accident

Malaika Arora was taken to the hospital after being injured in a car accident. She was returning from a fashion event in Pune when her vehicle was involved in an accident on the outskirts of Mumbai. She suffered an eye injury and was sent to the Apollo hospital for treatment. The actress was accompanied by a driver and a bodyguard.

The collision occurred at the 38km mark of the Mumbai-Pune expressway, which is an accident prone area. Three vehicles collided with each other, causing damage to all three.

The incident has been reported to the police, and a FIR will be filed after an investigation into how the tragedy occurred. Malaika was in the middle of the road in her Range Rover. According to the official, she was driven to Mumbai by an MNS leader who was travelling in the same route.

“The incident has rattled Malaika, but she is doing fine.” She only needed a few stitches and is doing well. She didn’t get any serious head injuries because she had a cushion close to her head.” according to the ‘close friend’ mentioned by the news outlet.

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