Nail file: Twinkle Khanna’s Sarcastic Take on The Kashmir Files

The author of three bestseller books, Twinkle Khanna, quipped about how many filmmakers are scrambling to register city names as the titles of their films in the hopes of replicating the success of Vivek Agnihotri’s film.

Twinkle wrote in her column for The Times of India on the craze for The Kashmir Files, citing a flood of new movie titles being registered as a homage to The Kashmir Files. Because the larger cities have already been taken, the unfortunate souls are now registering names such as Andheri Files, Khar-Danda Files, and even South Bombay Files.”

Twinkle even joked about filming a film called ‘Nail File,’ which she discussed with her mother Dimple Kapadia. When Dimple asked if it would be about a disastrous manicure, Twinkle said, ‘Maybe, but it’s better than putting the final nail in the communal coffin.’

Twinkle’s husband, Akshay Kumar, lauded the film. In a video posted on Twitter by Vivek Agnihotri, Akshay stated, “All of us, we want to convey stories about our country.” Some may be well-known, while others may not be that much. Vivek, for example, created The Kashmir Files, which brought a horrible truth to light and stunned us all.”

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