Mallika Sherawat Announces She Is In Love!

Mallika-Sheravat-1[tps_footer]New age love and technology at times can be too difficult to figure it out, but it’s always fun. Isn’t it? For now, it’s a big breaking news that we are just about to share it with you our dear readers. Mallika Sherawat, our desi bombshell has found love in a French businessman Cyrille Auxenfans and now we surely know why she kept visiting Paris again and again, not just for professional reasons.


Check out her love tweet with a lot of love,

To be in love is the best feeling in the world
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Woww! Congratulations Mallika for finding love. But won’t this long distance relationship be difficult to handle and maintain? Anways, it is good to know about our stars falling in love than to see their break ups and various hate stories of allegations and digs.

But do you remember the show where Mallika was ready for her swayamwar??? Read what happened to her ex Vijay Singh and what was the show all about.


Mallika Sherawat who debuted with the show The Bachelorette India, Indian version named as “Mere Khayalon Ki Malika“, choose a much younger Vijay Singh as her life partner during the show. And a year later there were some really serious allegations from Vijay as he said, “There was a one year contract after the show ended which stated that Mallika could marry me within a year and be with me, and after that she could choose to not marry me if she did not wish to. So for about a year, she kept inviting me to LA but I could not go there to visit her. After one year, she started subtly dropping hints that ‘I was too young for her’ and ‘Long distance relationships never work’ insinuating that the relationship was over. After a few months she even stopped taking my phone calls. And I also stopped. I also have self-respect and how much would I pursue her.”

Vijay was very disappointed and also added , “I now realise that such reality shows are completely fake. I came to the show thinking that I would get married but nothing like that happened. Secondly, except Rahul Mahajan, nobody has ended up being married on the show. It is all fixed and everything works according to contracts.”

Well, honestly, there is not much reality involved in “reality shows”, endless numbers of people have claimed reality shows to be scripted and contract bound in real. But we hope now Vijay finds true love in his life and let’s see if Mallika has finally got the love of her life or is it just a fling ? We are also waiting for the next breaking news haha..[/tps_footer]

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