Manisha Koirala: Battling Cancer, Rising Strong


Mumbai: It isn’t easy for someone who has battled cancer to bounce back strongly. But Manisha Koirala has defeated all odds and risen strong. Bollywood’s loved star unveils her latest picture, daringly just like the actress played her roles. Bold!


The Nepali beauty has been on the rocky roads as well as had her share of fame in Bollywood. Be it her accolades in ‘Khamoshi – The Musical,’ ‘Bombay’ or her terrorising act in ‘Dil Se’. Or her spate of flop films and criticism films like ‘Khauff’, ‘Grahan’ and the controversial ‘Ek Choti Si Love Story.’

Like any other star, Manisha Koirala too had seen-it-all, done-it-all in Bollywood. Her failed marriage and her cancer detection in 2012 all led to the downfall of the once acclaimed actress. But yet in spite of all the problems, a strong will power and support from her fans and well-wishers the Nepali beauty is back. Ofcourse with a bang!

The actress has posted her latest picture on Twitter and she doesn’t shy away from going bold even this time. For an actress, two things are important, the looks and the acting. While the acting will always be associated with Manya (as she is called in Bollywood), her bald act is quite daring in a way. Not many would have the courage to come out in the open like Manisha Koirala has in her latest avtaar.

Ironically the image in the background speaks volumes about Manisha’s stardom. The framed black-and-white image of the actress reminds us of the good old days. But the actress has whole-heartedly embraced spirituality and seems to enjoy her new life.

It’s just a matter of time when we see Manisha Koirala back on the silver-screen. We are waiting. The time isn’t far! Will Manisha Koirala be ready for her second stint? Well let’s leave it to her to decide.