Why Was Mardaani So Less Promoted?


rani mukherjiRani Mukerji’s Mardaani is a powerful film that talks about a social disease called child trafficking and also highlights what women can do when challenged. With a premise so powerful, the film deserved more promotions than usual. But instead, Mardaani was less hyped and less promoted. We try to figure out what could be the reason behind it.

  1. However sad and discriminating it may sound, Mardaani is a female centric film with more prominence on nabbing a culprit by a woman cop. It is difficult to convince people to give a film of such nature some attention.
  2. Rani Mukerji is back within a very strong role and she excels in it. But unfortunately, not everyone is kicked about watching her here. That may have led the production house to keep the promotions low key.
  3. Dhoom 3 and Aamir Khan taught the production house that less is always more. Aditya Chopra might have thought this is the best way to go ahead with Mardaani’s marketing. But that had Aamir Khan, this has Rani Mukerji….you can do the math here Adi.
  4. Apart from releasing an anthem song, nothing much has been done to promote the premise of the film. May be that was done to keep the curiosity in the plot intact.

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