Mika Singh Advices Sonu Nigam To Change His House Over His Morning Azaan Statement


The Bollywood singer, Mika Singh went against another singer from the same industry. In a series of tweets, the singer has slammed Sonu Nigam for speaking up against the morning azaan. The singer has said that he respects Sonu as another singer, but he is completely against the statements given by him earlier this week.

Mika even adviced Sonu to change his house if he is so uncomfortable with the azaan. He tweets, “Big bro I respect u lot as a singer .. I think you should change your house and stay somewhere else instead of changing loud speakers.”

He also tried to explain Sonu the importance of the religious places saying, “Guys Gurdwaras, Mandirs, masjids and churches aren’t only for loud speakers. They represent charity, langars and honourable things..”

The singer even tweeted that they’ve even sang at jagrans before where they were probably too loud. Although, this tweet was deleted by him just minutes after putting it up.

In a very recent tweet of April 19, the singer even posted a video saying that he has no grudges against Sonu Nigam but he is still against his statement. He posted the video with the caption, “Good morning india:) I don’t have any problems with @sonunigam Bhai .. but I do not agree with his statement.”

This entire ruckus started with Sonu Nigam’s tweet saying that he has to wake up with the loud noice of morning azaan. He also said that it is forced religiousness. Some of the other Bollywood stars like Ayushmann Khurrana, Parineeti Chopra, Anupam Kher and Kailash Kher have already given their comments on the matter.

Well, it will be interesting to know how Sonu Nigam reacts to his contemporary’s statement against him!