Kabir Khan’s Wife Mini Mathur Reveals Inside Details Of Salman Khan’s Tubelight


Former VJ and director Kabir Khan’s wife Mini Mathur says that her husband sees the Dabangg Khan, Salman, in roles that no other filmmaker even thinks of. She actually meant Kabir has given Salman roles that were incredible and different from his other roles. She also said that she thinks Salman is an incredible actor.

While Mini Mathur was dressed in a sari to attend a fashion show on Thursday, told the media that Salman is all set to star in the Ek Tha Tiger sequel going to be directed by her husband Kabir. The film will be called “Tiger Zinda Hai” and is expected to release next Christmas.

When asked her about how Salman got convinced by Kabir for the film, she said that the story is the crux of the film and that convinces Salman. It’s the story that Salman looks up to mainly. If he doesn’t like the story, he won’t work on it. And Kabir gets very particular when it comes to the story of his film.

The event was attended by other stars like Huma Qureshi and Sana Khan.

When asked about how she felt being married to a director, Mini told the media that a director usually shares his filming process with his wife, like he got the cast finalized or the plot decided. So Mini Mathur feels a part of the movie even when it is not made.

She also commented about her husband saying Kabir never makes films with expectations. When he wants to make a film, he thinks of an idea and executes it and that according to her is the best kind of film where the heart is put without any expectations in return.

After Mini’s disclosure about Ek Tha Tiger’s sequel, we all have a curiosity for the film. Waiting till Christmas 2017 will be a tough task for all the Salman Khan fans out there.

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