More Legal Hassles For ‘Zanjeer’ Remake


MUMBAI: The remake of the 1973 hit film ‘Zanjeer’ has been facing one controversy after the other from its inception.

Just recently the Bombay High Court granted permission to Adai Mehra Productions Pvt. Ltd. (AMPL) thus resolving the legal tussle between brothers – Amit Mehra, Sumeet Mehra and Puneet Mehra. SEE REPORT

Now the scriptwriters of the original film – Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar have filed another petition.

It is almost a year after the writers Salim and Javed first brought up the issue of copyright with the producers of ‘Zanjeer’. With no action having been taken by the makers, Khan and Akhtar have now approached Bombay High Court.

The writers of the 1973 trend setting movie have sought relief in the form of stay on the release of the new version.

Their suit has not mentioned any amount that the writer duo is seeking as compensation, infact, the suit only says that the remake cannot be made without their consent, as the writers hold the copyright of the ‘literary work.’

They contend that as the permission for the production of the story was given to Prakash Mehra only once, any reproduction of the story would need their permission yet again.

Justice Kathawalla who has heard the writer duo’s objections has adjourned the case for April 17.

Meanwhile,  actor Sanjay Dutt who plays the role of Pran in the Zanjeer’ remake has installed a studio in his house from where he dubs for the film. With very little time in hand before surrender, the actor is rushing to complete all his assignments.