Must Watch: Shah Rukh Khan Discovers His Real Self


Shah-Rukh-Khan-092Shah Rukh Khan is the only Bollywood actor who rarely comes out with his hidden emotions publicly. There is too much of emotions and truth behind his strong and tough face.

Referred as ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan has struggled a lot to be the most successful actor he is. He is a man of struggle, success, charm, passion, sadness and full of life. From nobody to biggest man in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan’s success story is like no else’s.

We bring you an unseen video of Shah Rukh Khan that will surely make your day. In the video you will see real Shah Rukh Khan speaking his heart out for the first time. The video is quite emotional as well as inspirational in SRK’s own voice.

Shah Rukh Khan reveals his deeper self by talking about his life, his emotions and the real him, which we never saw on camera ever. Recollecting his memories of struggle, SRK speaks that how he feels when he stands in front of his bungalow with nostalgia that he encountered 10 years ago.

What is the real Shah Rukh Khan like? In the video the actor says, “I don’t know. Maybe there is no real me left anymore. Maybe there is no real emotions left, which I have done on cameras. Maybe I am just a act now”

The best line said by the King Of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan in the video would leave you speechless. The line says, “ Only those who love illusions know it will go far otherwise we spend the life in confusions of what we say and do with who we really are.” “I let go and fly and so is the rest of the world is with me” We all know Shah Rukh Khan is gem of hearts with lots of emotions and truth hidden behind his happy and strong face.

Do not miss to watch the video!

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Posted by Iam Khan on Sunday, 3 May 2015