My Album Will Be Out Early 2014: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has revealed that her first album featuring songs like 'Exotic' and 'In My City' will release in early 2014.


MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra has been extremely busy. From music to movies, she’s doing everything, and add partying hard to that list too. Even within movies, she’s doing both Hollywood and Bollywood.

“I love making movies and music equally and currently, I am blessed that I am able to do both at the same time. It just leaves me with a little less time to sleep,” the actress said.

She also talked about her trip to the US to promote her first single there – ‘Exotic’ – which has already been released here in India. “I go where my work takes me. In fact, this was the longest trip I made to the US this year. But it was required since I had just launched ‘Exotic’, which was my debut US single. I am open to new opportunities and am greedy to explore new avenues where I can grow as an artiste. I am exploring various opportunities and will announce them as soon as they are finalised.”

Priyanka Chopra then spoke about what she had been doing in the US. From promoting her song at various events and nightclubs, she’s also partied hard. The actress also attended the premiere of her Hollywood movie, Disney’s ‘Planes’.

At the end, Priyanka Chopra revealed the release date for her first album. She said that the the album would be out towards early 2014. When asked about a second album, she said, “We have only released three tracks so far. My first album is slated for a release early next year, so I still have a lot to do before I can think of a second album.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra has ‘Zanjeer 2.0’ releasing on 6 September, 2013, opposite Ram Charan and with Sanjay Dutt too.

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