Mysterious Tweet Of YRF’s Big Secret!


yash-Raj-FilmsYash Raj Films’, a production brand of Bollywood has been keeping a big secret from us all. This production house was founded and headed for the longest possible era by none other than the veteran producer and director Yash Chopra. The brand is synonymous with the best and most loved romantic films this industry has ever seen. No one can forget the exotic foreign locations, the beautiful yet soft and charming heroines and those dashing hunks that have starred in most YRF movies. The production house is the dream of any and all stars who want to make a name for them in the industry.

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The banner has launched many new-comers like Anushka Sharma, Rani Mukherji and Ranveer Singh the list of stars this production has given the industry are numerous. Currently, it is headed by Aditya Chopra who is known in the industry for his strict rules, perfect timings and great capacity to hold secrets. We all known how well kept his and Rani’s affair and then their wedding was. No wonder if YRF is telling that there is a secret, there must be a big well kept treasure hidden somewhere which we all are unaware about.

We know that YRF has recently signed in Fawad Khan for a three movie contract, but we are sure that is not the big secret. Now that the word is out, media is losing all levels of patience to find out all the hidden mysteries. Is it a new movie with SRK and Kajol or is it a movie which has SRK and Salman Khan together. Or is YRF making a Super hero movie. The possibilities are endless but we are hoping for the best.

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