Nawazuddin Siddiqui Promotes ‘Aatma’ Minus Bipasha!


MUMBAI: Bollywood schedules are usually planned in such a way as to ensure the lead actors take time out to promote their films together. However, in the case of the upcoming horror film ‘Aatma’, sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Spotted at the Welingkar Institute of Management in Mumbai was the lead actor of ‘Aatma’, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, minus his leading lady Bipasha Basu. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was there to promote his upcoming spook-fest ‘Aatma’ at the prestigious B-school in Mumbai.

Seen in a sky blue shirt and grey trousers, Nawazuddin was the epitome of simplicity, something you’d hardly expect from your average Bollywood hero. However, Nawazuddin has broken the mould with his powerful performances in his eclectic choice of films so far, and is all set to wow audiences in ‘Aatma’ as well.

Nawazuddin, best known for his character roles in films like ‘Talaash’, where he played the lame odd-jobs boy Temur; and in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, as a fierce Faisal Khan, is ready to foray into mainstream Bollywood with ‘Aatma’.

Missing from the film promotions unfortunately was the heroine of ‘Aatma’, Bipasha Basu, whom a little birdy tells us was away in Kolkata, doing her round of promotions there.

Either ways, the film-going audiences would really like to see Bipasha and Nawazuddin present at the same promotional events, talking about the film together, and generally sharing a healthy co-stars camaraderie.