Neha Dhupia Slams Yesudas


Neha-YesudasWe loved Yesudas for his lovely and unique voice. He gave us immortal songs. But it seems same cannot be said about his thinking.

Recently, he outraged everyone by saying that women shouldn’t trouble others by wearing jeans…what’s supposed to be covered, should be covered.

Many condemned him and one out of them is Neha Dhupia. She lashed out at the yesteryear singer.

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Neha added that at a time when people are talking of strengthening women power, there are some who are still commenting on what they should wear and what they shouldn’t.

She believes the flaw is in the thinking and not in what a woman is wearing. One needs to correct this thinking rather than passing remarks on women’s attire.

Well, Neha, no point getting worked up about this. Such regressive thoughtprocess is part and parcel of our ‘Indian Culture’.