NEW POSTER: ‘Vishwaroop 2’ – Kamal Haasan Is A Gun-Toting Soldier

Kamal Haasan is already into production for the sequel to his ambitious last project 'Vishwaroop'. To commemorate this, 'Vishwaroop 2' is out with a new poster.

MUMBAI: Kamal Haasan faced a lot of problems with his previous film ‘Vishwaroop’ but it still managed to be a huge hit all over. Now the legendary actor is going ahead with the sequel to the film.


The sequel, titled ‘Vishwaroop 2’ for now is into production and to commemorate it, a poster has been released.

The poster features Kamal Haasan’s character Major Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri dressed in traditional Islamic attire as he fires guns on all sides. His character himself seems to be hurt. The poster goes for a red and orange hue of the setting sun in the backdrop, with helicopters looming large over Kamal Haasan’s patriotic character.

The actor, who is also writing and directing the film says that he had originally written the film in two parts. “I don’t make films for publicity rather I want my film to be enjoyed by my audience. Generally, people wait for a year and then decide a film’s sequel. But, I was sure from the beginning that I will bring the second part too. Vishwaroopam 2 is not my arrogance rather it is my confidence,” he said.

Here’s hoping this sequel won’t go through the same troubles as the first part.


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