New Twist: Sunil Grover To Come Back On The Kapil Sharma Show Only On THIS Condition!


The ugly, mid-air spat between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma has been making headlines for some kind of development every day. After the reports of physical brawl between ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ co-stars, Kapil Sharma in official statements dismissed it as a disagreement and argument one which happens with friends and family.

Sunil Grover maintained a “no comments” state about everything in that situation from being asked if it really happened to will he quit the show. But eventually, Sunil broke his silence and slammed Kapil in a post on social media.

From publicly telling Kapil, “You hurt me deeply” to asking him “not to act like God”, Sunil vented his anger out on Twitter. He even mentioned that Kapil has made him realize that it’s his show and that he has the power to remove anybody out at any time.

Despite such straightforward allegations, Kapil kept his cool and repeatedly said “I love you” to Sunil and even added “see you at your home in the evening”.

After this came the news, that the latest episode of TKSS was shot without Sunil and Chandan. This added fuel to the fire and speculations were ripe that Sunil Grover has quit the show. But seems like he wantsKapil to redeem in another manner – salary hike!

According to a report in Bollywoodlife, “Sunil has demanded a substantial hike in his salary if the production team wants him back on the show. He is no way letting Kapil go off easy after whatever went down between them. From what we hear the hike that Sunil has demanded can give any producer sleepless nights. Well, this is what they call paying for your sins, maybe.”

Do you guys believe that Sunil is asking for a fair deal? Tell us your thoughts!