New York Terror Attack Happens Just 5 Blocks Away From Priyanka Chopra’s Home, Actress Reacts!

priyanka chopra manhattan

Priyanka Chopra lives just five blocks away from the place where the accident happened in the New York City!

The recent accident in the New York City took the lives of many innocent beings. It happened on this Tuesday when a truck mowed down several cyclists and pedestrians on a busy bicycle path. It was very near to the World Trade Center memorial in Lower Manhattan area of the New York City. In fact, the site of the accident was just five blocks away from where the actress Priyanka Chopra lives.

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The actress was coming back home from work when she heard sirens and got to know about the attack. She herself tweeted the news saying, “This happened 5 blocks from my home. As I drive back home from work, Dreary sirens remind me that this is the state of the world #nyc #peace”

The actress also offered her condolences to the people affected in this accident. Her another tweet reads, “Nyc… as resilient as ever. I love you. My condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy”

Talking about the accident, it killed eight people and as many as a dozen people got injured. The truck which was responsible for the accident, not only mowed down the civilians, but also smashed into a yellow school bus, injuring two kids, who were sitting inside.

Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood actress, is currently living in the New York City as she is shooting for the TV series Quantico.

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