Om Puri’s Estranged Wife Nandita Puri Breaks Silence About The Night Before His Death!


The death of renowned actor Om Puri jolted not only the industry but also the audiences. The untimely demise of Om Puri, who showed no sign of illness before his sudden death, left us wondering what had happened.

Puri was reported to have died of a fatal heart attack but his postmortem reports hinted at a head injury instead. Smita Singh, who had recently been hired as Puri’s image consultant, revealed shocking details about the actor in a recent interview.

She said that the actor was struggling to recover from the betrayal of his wife and was yearning to meet his son. She revealed that the evening before his death, he was brooding how Nandita Puri (second wife) made a joke out of him by publishing his autobiography (that had some dark deep secrets about his bedroom life). “He was vulnerable that evening…he had the haunted look of a broken man,” she said.

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Even Nandita confessed to the daily that she regrets not meeting her estranged husband the previous day. “We were supposed to go for Pankaj Kapur’s daughter, Sana, and Pahwa’s son, Mayank’s engagement ceremony. Om called me and by the time we got there, he reached my house. He went up to my mom and said, ‘kya budhia, kyun sadd rahi hai yahan. Tu bhi mere saath swarg chal.’ He was in high spirits. He called me again and said, ‘Tum aur Ishaan jaldi aa jao.’ I told him we’d see him later. When he called me again, I told him, Ít’s too late; we’ll see you tomorrow.’ Ishaan and I still regret not seeing him that day. Ishaan was going to be with him on January 8, 9 and 10 for the shooting of Tubelight, and they were to head to Khandala from there,” she said.

She added, “We were not divorced and are still legally married. We had a separation. Trishul is his home and my marital home. By the Hindu law, he was allowed one wife. It can be an ex-wife and a current wife. Om had only one wife. He helped his nephews and strangers, but now when his son needs him, he is gone. I’ll miss him terribly because he is a habit. I have spent the longest part of my life with him more than my son or my parents.”

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