OMG! Ram Gopal Varma Slams Shah Rukh Khan, Compares Him With Salman Khan And Aamir Khan!


Ram-Gopasl-verma-SRK[tps_footer]Now we all know that Kamaal R Khan, Ram Gopal Verma and many other people run an account on social media not just to mingle with people but seriously offend others, insult and also bless us with unwanted ‘gyaan.’ It’s boring and annoying ! We know it but when will they get it ? After getting trolled for his stupid tweet about Rajnikanth, Ram Gopal Verma is busy giving warning to Shah Rukh Khan. RGV’s is not showing interest in directing new movies but he doesn’t mind directing other in personal and professional life. Here is what Ram Gopal Verma said against Shah Rukh and his stardom.


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We wonder what Ram Gopal Verma was thinking when he said all of this. Shah Rukh Khan has become a mega star already so why does he even need any sort of comparisons with Rajnikanth or Kamal Haasan. Yes, with Salman Khan his rivalry will continue just the way how it is with Aamir Khan. But, nothing is stopping Badshah of B-Town from winning hearts even after being part of the entertainment world for the past two decades and ruling the world of cinema.


Finally, we got to know who inspired such weird thoughts in Ram Gopal Verma, it’s Kamaal R Khan who was recently trolled on twitter for criticizing Fan but Ramu just doesn’t learn from his own mistakes of poking fun at Rajnikanth and now he is advising Shah Rukh. Check out this tweet of RGV,

And a reply from KRK,
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Are they made for each other ? Their thinking is almost at the same level. God bless Twitter ![/tps_footer]