OMG! Ranveer Singh Kisses Karan Johar And Not Deepika Padukone


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Just when we thought that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were about to turn the cards in about their relationship, as Ranveer kept mouthing the three magical words on “AIB Knockout” to Deepika Padukone, something totally unexpected happened. Going by the rumour, Ranveer Singh got into an act with Karan Johar. Apparently, the energetic actor kissed Karan Johar in front of the live audience and most importantly, in front of his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone!

Though nobody confirmed the rumour but we are definitely concerned for Deepika. After all, Deepika and Ranveer were seen really up close the whole night. The level of PDA was quite high. During the event and all the “roasting” that took place, Deepika laughed and cheered for Ranveer from the beginning till the very end.
Not just that, Deepika even got up on the stage when the show ended and embraced Ranveer in a hug, quite affectionately. Deeepika was not the only one feeling all mushy and loveable, we saw the same level of affection from Ranveer’s side as well. The Ram (Ranveer Singh) held onto his Leela’s (Deepika Padukone) hand all the while, even when he was hugging someone else. Now that’s something!
The PDA didn’t just end there; Deepika took to Twitter to congratulate the team of AIB. She tweeted twice, once applauding for AIB’s whole team and people associated with it, and then a special tweet for Ranveer Singh, saying, “soo proud of you @RanveerOfficial !!!”.
When all of this was going so good between the two, it’s hard to tell what led to the kissing between Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar, nor are we sure about Deepika’s reaction to it.