OMG! Salman Khan Pets A Tiger During Roar Trailer Launch

Roar TIger 2 [tps_footer]The trailer launch of Roar: The Tigers Of The Sundarbans not only had superstar Salman Khan unveil the trailer, but also had him stand face to face with a mighty tiger.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a unique concept where in real video is combined with a computer generated image and is projected on a large screen which looks very real. This gives people an opportunity to experience it in virtual reality without actually physically being present.
Hence, Salman Khan got to interact with a tiger and even managed to pet the mighty beast, minus the danger. The audience  got to watch a huge alligator snap at Salman’s hand as well. This is one of the most innovative concepts ever done at a trailer launch and Salman Khan looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
The makers of the film will be going all out to promote their film using this unique Augmented Reality concept across various colleges and malls where people will be given a chance to experience the Tigers of Sundarbans and the deadly reptiles that breed there.
Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans gives a sneak peek into the world of the beautiful yet dangerous tigers of Sundarbans. The film is the story of a few hunters and trackers who actually become the hunted when they dare to enter the land of tigers.
Produced by Abis Rizvi and directed by Kamal SadanahRoar: Tigers of The Sundarbans will release on September 19,2014.[/tps_footer]

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