Oops! This Bollywood Celeb Is Not Paying Fee To Her Makeup Man


One of the most preferred and beautiful female Bollywood singers is not paying dues to her makeup man. The singer has a very sweet voice and is Bollywood composers’ favourite choice. She has won many praises for her melodious voice but has an unpleasant side that she has shown to her makeup man.

As per reports, she is quite unwilling to pay her staff. She has not paid her makeup man for months now. And the makeup man is not stopping to work for her because she has a very good equation with one of the top actors of the industry. And to be in the good books of the actor, he is not quitting to work for her.

The songstress does several live shows and hence the actor has assigned a makeup man for her. Hence, he is left with no other choice than working for her without getting his fees. This lady pretends to be a philanthropist, but she is herself roughly treating her staff.

Can you guess who is this singer?

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