Oops! Kamaal R Khan Does It Again, This Time With Lisa Haydon



Actor Kamaal R Khan is known for getting in trouble with a lot of Bollywood celebrities because of his unnecessary comments. Earlier, Sonakshi Sinha bashed him for being disrespectful. This time it is actress Lisa Haydon.

Lisa Haydon had posted a Photo of her dunk slamming in a basketball courtyard in a micro-blogging site.

To which the always in controversy producer-actor Kamaal R Khan tweeted something obnoxious which led to a heated argument between the both. The actor tweeted, “Yar @HaydonLisa should I sit down n watch you?” To which Lisa very cleverly reverted saying, “Ive been told it doesn’t get much lower than you @kamaalrkhan Still need a chair? #LowLife”. This is certainly not the first time Kamaal R Khan has been creating news.

He certainly did not stop there, but deemed it necessary to respond to Lisa Haydon’s tweet with another absurd response that read, “And Pls tell me @HaydonLisa did you post tat photograph so tat people will start doing your Pooja n Aarti after seeing tat?”

To which Lisa smartly decided to not respond. After all there’s no point arguing with a wall now is there? Kamaal R Khan has a reputation for living constantly under huge misconceptions. One of which was obvious from his next tweet, “N one more thing @HaydonLisa just count your followers n my followers n you will know tat how big star I am. So talk to me with respect.” He surely makes everyone’s day with his ironic humour.

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