Our Dilbaro Finally Said Yes To Bunny!!

The cat has gotten out of the bag! We tried hard but failed to keep our mouths shut. Raalia, the cutest couple in B-town, is getting married in a week! The couple will be getting married in the RK House, the Kapoors’ family home, as disclosed earlier. The dates saved for the ceremony are the 13th to 15th of April. 

A little tittle-tattle is about the guestlist. It has come to our attention that Salman Khan, Siddharth Malhotra, and Katrina Kaif may not be invited to their wedding.

They follow the golden rule of not calling their exes at their weddings, it is funny and yet witty to not invite their ex’s ex as well!  Yes, we’re referring to Salman Khan, Katrina’s blast from the past. 

However, what might be the reason for not inviting the legendary actor Govinda to the wedding? We’ve got you covered. Let’s go back to the time of the movie Jagga Jasoos when the older actor’s contentious removal strained their relationship. Nobody wants embarrassing moments on their wedding day, do they?

So this is all that has come to light so far. We promise to keep you updated with the same! Because we know you love Bollywood, and we love you both!

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