Is There a Rivalry Emerging in The Kapil Sharma Show?

The Kapil Sharma Show is always resonating with energy and humour, on-screen and off-screen. The crew often plays banter amongst each other and posts it on social media as an additional treat for the audience.

Archana Puran Singh frequently posts behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot, offering fans a glimpse into their fun times. It also provides fans with a glimpse of the explosive chemistry that the squad members have with one another. She posted a video of her encounter with Krushna Abhishek on Monday. After a few sentences in the style of his character Sapna, he proceeds to mock her for not joining the squad on their US tour. Archana is enraged by this and retaliates by beating Krushna several times before explaining that they are not bringing her to save money.

“Mujhe nahi le ke jaa rahe hai, gande log,” Archana yells to the camera as she grabs him and smacks him hard. Paise bachane ke chakkar mein, paise bachane ke chakkar mein, paise bachan Tum hai log paise peeto hum na peete hum na peete hum na peete hum na peete Aur badnaam mujhe kar rakha hai.” They chuckle about it, and Krushna adds that they’re still talking about getting her on board. “Aapke bina show Kaise Hoga (How will we be able to put on the show without you)?” ” They will miss her if that doesn’t happen,” he added.

The show is a success, however the audience still misses Sunil Grover for his epic performance and amusing characters. 

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