Pad Man Actress Urmila To Surprise With Her Role In Akshay Kumar’s Film


Bollywood actress Urmila is all set for her upcoming film Pad Man wherein she will be seen alongside Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor.

Talking about her character in the film, Urmila revealed many interesting things.

1) A glimpse of your character in Padman

* I am playing a very crucial character in the film. It’s a real-life character namely Savitri(Screen name), who happens to be the first one to buy Padman (Akshay’s) napkin from Pari(Sonam Kapoor). As the film progresses she happens to meet the real Padman and after that her life changes.

Since the beginning, my character plays a pivotal part in the journey of Lakshmi’s (Akshay Kumar) life and struggle

Savitri. That is me is responsible for mobilizing village women for a bigger and greater cause

My character contributes to the Padman’s mission and with that, I will rather urge the reader to go and see the film to witness my journey.

2) how was your experience working with Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor

* It’s was a memorable one for me. Working with a self made Super star, whom I admire so much and watching his films from my childhood and suddenly got a chance to share screen with him is something very special for me.

After meeting & working with Sonam Kapoor I end up as an admirer of her inside – out beauty .

3) Good qualities of Akshay and Sonam

Both are big stars but they don’t carry a single hint of that. Both are equally warm, down to earth and respects their co-actors & Give them space. Which is commendable. Both carries very positive energy on set. It’s was a pleasure working with them.

4) Any memories from the sets

When I first saw Akshay sir I was so mesmerised by his personality & good looks , I literally forgot I was there for shoot & kept staring on him and thinking He is The Akshay Kumar , He is the Super star 😃😄

That was my very first scene with Akshay sir, I was sharing same frame with both ( Akshay & Sonam) I was slightly hesitant to stand at per with them so I was slightly out of frame , which was noticed by Akshay sir and he brought me in the frame saying “Itni dur kyun khadi hain yeh teri bhi scene hain” which shows his generosity as an actor & his beautiful soul as human being.

I find Sonam was very warm & innocently pretty lady. We used to talk during the shot breaks . We clicked selfies & shared screen too!!”

“Pad Man” is all set to hit the silver screens on February 9, 2018.