Radhika Apte Outshines As The Inspiration Behind Padman


Radhika Apte has time and again wooed the critics with her brilliant acting. The actress who has garnered immense appreciation for her critical performances has stepped her foot in the commercial space for the first time with Padman.

Radhika’s performance as the modest small-town woman struck chords with not only the audience but also the critics. The actress is being hailed for her noteworthy performance as Gayatri from Padman.

Gayatri played by Radhika Apte proves to be an inspiration to Akshay Kumar’s character Lakshmikant Chauhan.

Putting forth a superior act, Radhika Apte has critics singing praises for her.

Renuka Vyavhare praising the actress said, “Radhika Apte portrays her part beautifully, making her character relatable to the section of women, who still face such societal taboos”.

Stutee Ghosh said,”Radhika Apte is pitch perfect as the bewildered wife who is unable to comprehend her husband’s obsession with periods.”

Another film critic Sukanya Verma said, “Where most actresses wouldn’t rise above annoyingly regressive, Radhika Apte imbues her character’s embarrassment and irritation with a heartfelt understanding of a woman caught between her cravings for comforting conventionality while faced with boldness beyond her grasp.”

Critic Rohit Bhatnagar said, “Radhika Apte is raw, real and true to life.”.

Umesh Punwani shared his thoughts on the actress saying,”Radhika Apte is transparent with her performance and expresses herself on-point”.

Tiasa Bhowal while mentioning Radhika Apte says,”She is seen playing a role which is very different from what she has done before and she manages to ace it.”.

Troy Ribeiro said, “Akshay is aptly supported by Radhika Apte as his wife Gayatri. She is every inch the submissive, rural lady struggling to survive within societal norms.”

Chaya Unnikrishnan shared,”Radhika Apte as his simple, shy wife burdened by societal pressure is perfect. Her dilemma on whether she should support him or go by the diktat of samaj is something which most women will connect with”.

Tushar Joshi praised the show-stealing actress saying, “Radhika Apte is outstanding as Akshay’s timid wife who doesn’t understand why her husband wants to deal with solving something that is primarily seen as a woman’s issue.”

Another review suggests Radhika Apte as the show stealer with her performance saying,”But it is Radhika Apte who steals your heart with a genuine performance. Never hitting a false note, she takes on the docility of her character with precision.”

The actress has time and again presented power-packed performances as an actor with films like Badlapur, Manji- the mountain man, Phobia and Parched amongst the others.

Radhika Apte is known to add value to the content with her talent. The actress will be next seen in Baazar and web series Sacred Games.