Pakistan Social Media Star Qandeel Baloch’s Brother Charged For Murder


A few months back, in a very shocking incident in Pakistan, social media sensation, model Qandeel Baloch, who was supposed to be a part of Bigg Boss 10 show, was strangled to death by her brother. Well, the reason behind the murder was unknown; however, reports suggested that the model was frequently threatened by the accused to stop posting her hot pictures and striptease videos on social media.

Now with the latest reports in the honour killing case, Qandeel Baloch’s brother has been charged with the murder by a court in their hometown. As per reports, Women’s rights groups have demanded strict punishment for Qandeel’s brother, Muhammad Waseem, who is allegedly killed her. Waseem was produced in court on Monday in hometown Multan with his cousin Haq Nawaz, whom police have described as a partner in crime. Also, another accused in the case is taxi driver Abdul Basit, who has currently given bail. The next hearing of the case will be on December 8.

Earlier, during the interview after Qandeel‘s death, Waseem had confessed that he killed his sister to protect the family’s honour. Her brother claimed that he was not happy with her modeling and her showbiz career. He further added that he is not at all guilty after killing her. Waseem also stated that he had first given her a pill and then strangled her to death. He added, that they are Baloch and for them, prestige is more important that career. He believes that Qandeel‘s career was affecting their family.