Parineeti Chopra Deleted The Controversial Post After Being Trolled


B-Town celebs take a lot of advantage of social media to keep their fans and followers involved and updated about their lives. Movie stars are also seen competing for social media attention at time – who is the coolest, the funkiest wardrobe, amazing and lavish holidays. Keeping in line with this, Parineeti Chopra who is currently enjoying vacation in Dubai, was seen keeping her fans updated about her travel.

But one of her posts attracted more attention than the others. It was a picture of her taking a stroll along the beach as a man carried her luggage and held an umbrella over her head. It was a video post on Instagram.

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The Kill Dill actress was clearly ignorant of the kind of image it was sending across. In no time, Parineeti Chopra was trolled when people started getting quite angry about making someone do that for her. It received more than 500 comments on the post on Instagram, most of which were by annoyed fans,

On Twitter as well, people started trolling her by posting various comments such as: “The umbrella must have been 100 kilos”, “Holding your own umbrella wouldn’t make you any less of a star”.

Once she realized the impact, she simply took down the post. Not just that, she covertly admitted to her blunder and she even wrote a message on her Facebook page as a reply to the trolls.

She wrote, “It was an exhausting but fab day in Dubai! Now to get some much needed sleep, so I’m all set for tomorrow! And of course the umbrella shall be in my hand.”

This isn’t Parineeti’s first oops moment that has been labeled insensitive. Last year in a birthday message she posted for a friend, she asked her friend to “eat less and become thin”. This comment was seen as ‘fat-shaming.’