Why Do People Swear By Aamir Khan’s Commitments?


Mahesh-bhattAamir Khan‘s PK posters have made headlines since quite sometime now. Well, while he continues to scandalize all, we talk about the days when Aamir was struggling to get more films. Recently, Aamir opened up about a time he said no to Mahesh Bhatt despite the fact that he was delivering only flops.

Aamir reminisced that post Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, he signed a lot of films. But unfortunately none were working. He was then working in two of the films and knew they don’t stand a chance, yet he couldn’t forego any of them as he had no other films to work on. That’s when he realized that he needs to like the films that he is doing and decided to stick to the policy. But around the same time, he got a call for a script session from Mahesh Bhatt.

Aamir Khan went for the session but didn’t like the script much. However, he didn’t no how to say no to Mahesh Bhatt because he was giving back to back hits. But since he had promised himself not to do films he doesn’t like, he went back and said no to Mahesh. The director didn’t take any offence to it and promised to work later on.

Well, that’s why everyone swears by Aamir’s commitments.

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