Photos: Salman Khan Misses Flight, Creates A Ruckus At The Airport!



[tps_footer]Bollywood actor Salman Khan is undoubtedly controversy’s favourite child and this time again, the actor is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Earlier today, Salman Khan had a big argument with the staff of airlines after he missed his flight to Delhi. Looking all dashing, Salman arrived at the airport on time but missed his flight for some reason and so he ended up having a fight with the staff at the airport.

This incident happened at Mumbai airport earlier today after the actor missed his flight. The actor had booked Vistara flight to Delhi, which was supposed to take off around 1.30 pm. Well, we all know Salman never follows any norms and does what his heart says but it seems he forgot that a flight bound to Delhi won’t wait for him.

Reportedly, after reaching at the airport on time, the Sultan star decided to chill out at a VIP lounge. After back-to-back boarding announcements, Salman finally realized that his flight is ready to take off but by the time it was too late, as the officials did not allow him to board the flight. What followed then was a huge fight between Salman and the airline’s staff. While the actor was having an argument over the same, people around were having a look at the big showdown.

According to onlookers, it is said that the airlines have booked him on a Jet Airways flight to the Capital.