PHOTOS: Salman Khan Supports ‘Rural Youth Awareness Program’


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NOIDA: Looks like Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is taking his role as charitable actor-cum-philanthropist very very seriously. The actor, known for his commitment to causes close to his heart, was seen yesterday at the launch of the ‘Rural Youth Awareness Program of Being Human’ in Noida.

Salman Khan has always been a man who’d go to any lengths to help others in need. The handsome superstar goes about quietly donating to various causes, and also invests time in ensuring the money is used effectively.

At the launch of the ‘Rural Youth Awareness Program’, looking stylish in a stark white ‘Being Human’ shirt and black trousers, our mighty ‘Tiger’ put his roar to good use by advocating the ‘Rural Youth Awareness Program’ of his charitable foundation ‘Being Human’. The Rural Youth Awareness Program of Being Human is launched in association with Hindustan Coca Cola beverages and NIIT in Noida.

Salman said that the rural program was “to empower rural, educated and underserved youth” and that it was a cause close to his heart. He was also kind enough to personally congratulate each awardee of the program, and was seen shaking hands with them and uttering a few kind words to each one individually.

Such is the magnanimity of our favourite Bollywood superstar, after all!