In Pics: Akshay Kumar’s Son Aarav Bhatia Spotted On A Movie Outing With Friends


Star kid Aarav Bhatia clicked after coming out of a movie theatre with friends.

All of us have seen how paparazzi follows the celebs everywhere, whether it being coming out of a dinner party or anything as normal as coming out of a gym. But the paparazzi not even spares the star kids. Very often we get to see the pictures of the celeb kids hanging out with their peers or having a party in the town.

But not all the star kids love these shutterbugs. There are kids like the Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar’s son, Aarav Bhatia who does not like appearing in the news. The boy definitely hates being followed by media as we have seen him several times hiding his face with a cap or keeping his head low to avoid the clicks.

Recently we spotted him coming out of a movie theatre with his friends. The kid was snapped outside PVR, Juhu when he stepped out of the theatre, probably after watching Fast and Furious 8!

But this time he did not seem to be as cautious as he has been before. There were two of his girl-friends and a guy friend along with him. The friends indeed were not pleased on flashed by the media. They were seen covering their faces with their hands and entered the car soon.

This was the same group that Aarav has been spotted with before. Seems like the star kid has learnt that it is going to be a part of his life forever as this is what comes with being a child of a celeb!



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