Pillar To Post: Ranbir Kapoor Shuttles Between Anurag And Abhinav Kashyap



MUMBAI: Ranbir Kapoor sure knows how to keep several balls juggling in the air, for the youngest superstar in Bollywood is shuttling between the Kashyap brothers and their respective films.

Ranbir is bouncing between Sri Lanka and Mumbai to simultaneously work on ‘Bombay Velvet’ and ‘Besharam’ for Anurag and Abhinav Kashyap, respectively.

Ranbir, who was recently in Sri Lanka, shooting for ‘Bombay Velvet’ for Anurag, had to rush back to Mumbai to complete some dubbing for Abhinav’s ‘Besharam’. He also wanted to check out the first cut of the song ‘Pyar ki Ghanti’, which he himself has crooned.

Abhinav was allegedly supposed to complete canning Ranbir’s portions of ‘Besharam’ well before he began work on Anurag’s ‘Bombay Velvet’. However, a major chunk of dubbing is yet to be completed, for which Ranbir will have to fly back and forth between Sri Lanka and Mumbai, on weekends.

Reportedly, Abhinav Kashyap was in a flap, and he called up Ranbir to explain the delicateness of his situation. Ranbir, in turn, had a word with Anurag, requesting time off from ‘Bombay Velvet’ to complete pending work for ‘Besharam’.

Sources say an informal agreement has been arrived at between the brothers. “Although Anurag and Abhinav are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, the brothers understand the importance of each other’s project and are more than willing to cooperate.”

Anurag, of course, has given his nod. So Ranbir will work on ‘Bombay Velvet’ during the week, and dub over weekends for ‘Besharam’ for nearly a month, till the dubbing work is completed.

Meanwhile, reliable sources have revealed that ‘Bombay Velvet’s shoot is a long schedule, with an extensive plan for over 40 days in Sri Lanka. And ‘Besharam’ too is rushing to be completed before release on 2 October, 2013.