Poonam Jhawer REVEALS The Reason Behind Throwing A HUGE Birthday Bash For Her FANS


Poonam Jhawer is throwing a huge birthday bash this year as she turns a year older on August 13. But, there is something very special about her this year’s birthday party. This year, instead of throwing a party for her friends, the actress is throwing a huge bash for her fans.

Speaking about her special plans this year, Poonam Jhawer reveals, “Normally we party with our friends but this time I decided to celebrate my birthday with my fans. Friends come in when we call them but fans are always there with us.

Everyday they are with me wishing me Good morning, good night and messaging me. So I thought this is the right time to thank them.”

She further added, “It’s been a long time that these guys wanted to meet me. All fans wants to meet you, see you, so this time I thought that it’s a good reason, let’s call them.

This party is only for my fans and media and no body else. Me, my fans, interacting, talking, enjoying events and a lot more.”

She further revealed that there is no hidden motive behind this party, it’s purely for her fans and that she wants to thank them for being there with her since a long time.

She added, “I want to meet them face to face. Fans are the real people who make us. Friends come and go but fans are there always.”

Giving a glimpse of her party, Poonam shared, “It’s going to be a huge party, there will be songs, some surprises for them, lucky draw, cake cutting, I have put a nice dinner for them. It’s going to be a cool nice party where everyone will enjoy without knowing poeple but they all know you.”