Did Prachi Desai Take The Offer For Pakistani Advertisement?


Over the last few months, India – Pakistan relations have been strained. Owning to the same issue, Pakistani artists have been barred from working in Bollywood movies by various film industry bodies. Now we learnt that Prachi Desai has turned down a “Lucrative offer” to endorse a Pakistani brand keeping the current situation in mind.

Prachi was recently approached by a Pakistani beauty brand to endorse one of the products. But the actor politely turned it down. She has done this keeping in mind the relations India has with our neighbours at this time. She thought it would be inappropriate for her to be signing up for such a thing right now.” says an insider

Prachi Desai would otherwise love to endorse a good brand from any part of the world including Pakistan. “Due to the current situations between the two nations Prachi wont be in the right frame of mind to work on the endorsement.” adds the insider

Confirming the news Prachi Desai says, “As of now I am not taking up any endorsement deals in Pakistan and yes I have turned down the offer. since I feel it is not the right time

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