Priyanka Chopra: The Next Size Zero Actress In Bollywood?


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MUMBAI: Bollywood’s singing diva Priyanka Chopra recently showed up at the Samantha Edwards Muzicworks event at St. Andrews Auditorium in Mumbai, looking rail thin.

Dressed casually in a grey midriff baring blouse, pink skinny jeans, a large Gucci belt (which we adored!) and a pair of oversized coloured aviators, Priyanka looked every inch the rocker chic she has become. Looking waif thin, Priyanka took time out to support her vocal trainer’s latest venture.

Priyanka has been taking voice and vocal lessons from renowned music teacher Samantha Edwards for a while now, and reports indicate that Edwards’ training was the driving force behind Priyanka’s fabulous International singing debut. So it was only apt that PC lent her support to her music teacher, by attending the show.

Priyanka’s new look is apparently due to the rigorous physical training she’s been undergoing for her role in the upcoming Mary Kom biopic. Priyanka will be essaying the role of the Olympic medal-winning boxer, and has seriously begun training for the same. Hence the (almost) size zero new look!

Meanwhile, Priyanka also recently tweeted about the wrap up of the ‘Zanjeer’ shoot, which she has been a part of. “Sorry I disappeared… Had to deal with some trash… But back! Thank God for small mercies… last day on ‘Zanjeer’… let’s go,” the 30-year-old tweeted.