Priyanka Chopra’s Special Treats On The Sets Of Dil Dhadakne Do


Priyanka-ChopraDil Dhadakne Do has been shot on a cruise across the Mediterranean.

The film’s eclectic cast boarded the cruise from Spain and were on board for 5 long weeks.

The actors and crew had all carried some healthy food options with them. They carried some protein bars and food options.

However they did not account for the number of days.

However, Priyanka Chopra had come all prepared. The actress carried ample food with her for her and others.

Priyanka had carried two entire bags of healthy and tasty Indian snacks along with her on the cruise.

From roasted nuts, crispies to baked and roasted chips in different flavors, Priyanka had it all.

She became the official snack provider by default for everyone on the cruise.

Towards the end of the shoot schedule, everyone was heading to her room devouring the snacks she had carried.

Her room had turned into a snack store where everyone would go and bring something to munch on when required.

The entire team had a fantastic time shooting on the cruise. They all got along very well and bonded on set and usually spent time together even while they were not shooting.