Raees Beats Kaabil Yet Again, Here’s How!


25th January is a big day for B-town as it will witness the first big clash of films this year. 2017 is a year full of clashes and the biggest one starts with Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan‘s Raees vs the Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabil.

Both the films have been in an unofficial clash since the beginning for it’s release dates, songs and promotional activities. And Raees has been taking over Kaabil and defeating it every way as it was the most awaited film and had been in the news for it’s release dates. Now that the film is finally on cards and a date is fixed, it has brought in more anticipation amongst the people and a state of tension for the Kaabil team as it is facing a tough competition.

Le’s see how Raees just beat up Kaabil yet again.

The films have been releasing their songs and both the films are experiencing a success with their strategies but who actually is winning over him is the question.

Sources say that both the films have decided to release each of it’s songs every Thursday. While Raees released it’s song Zaalima, Kaabil came up with the peppy Mon Amour song.

It’s been just a day after the songs got launched and the results are pretty clear. While Kaabil’s song got just 2.7 million views on Youtube, Shah Rukh Khan’s Zaalima got 11.4 million views in just one day. Wow! Now that’s a huge difference and the clear winner is already here.

Earlier Rakesh Roshan had expressed his disappointment over the Raees‘s release dates and said that the film didn’t follow the industry ethics. Let’s see what he has to say over this defeat. Let’s see what happens when both the films finally land up on screens on January 25.