EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 10: Oops! VJ Bani Can’t Be The Captain Of The House Despite Being The Winner!


As we all saw Om Swami was shown the door of Bigg Boss house after his act of throwing his urine on Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra. This disgusting act infuriated the housemates beyond control but moreover anyone else, Bani and Rohan were quite disturbed. The duo even headed to hit him before locking Om Swami in the jail. The housemates pleaded Bigg Boss to do justice to such offensive behavior. Justice was finally done and their wish was fulfilled when Swami Om was ousted from the Bigg Boss house!

Well, the whole shocking incident took place over the captaincy task, which was conducted between Om Swami and VJ Bani. However, Om Swami had clearly lost the task while VJ Bani was the winner. Hold on, there’s huge twist in the game. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, VJ Bani’s one huge mistake has put her in trouble. Yes, Bani can’t be the captain of the house despite being the winner of the house. Wondering why? CLICK NEXT TO READ!