Raja Natwarlal: Emraan Hashmi’s Funny Quotes


Raja-01Raja Natwarlal is not getting the kind of traction Emraan Hashmi was expecting from the film. He was banking a lot on the tricks and turns in the film sprinkled with liplocks to pull crowds to theatres. But it seems people decided to spend more time with Lord Ganesha rather than getting conned by Emraan. But the actor was supremely confident about the film and during promotions, gave some eyebrow raising quotes which seemed to have all fallen flat.

Here are a few of them that we have collated for you. During an interview, he said that he isn’t a traditional mass actor. According to him, when people see him, they don’t see a hero in him. He enjoys watching English TV series more than Hindi films. Funny…and he wants to be successful in Hindi film industry!

In yet another promotional interview, Emraan confessed that he is tired of the serial kisser tag. And yet Raja Natwarlal has been billed as the return of the Kisser Emraan. If you are tired, why go back to it? Admit it, people expect you to pucker up at regular intervals in your movies.

And guess what he even feels Kissing on screen is better than taking off shirt on screen. He feels while single screen audiences equate taking shirt off with Salman Khan, kissing is more his thing. Interesting! And yet you are tired of the tag!

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